Close window: save or cancel

When I click on the button on the top at the right that closes a window all my other programs ask me: Save Yes or No or Cancel?
After choosing “Cancel” nothing happens, just as you would expect and the window stays open.
Revoscan asks: Save or Cancel?
After choosing “Cancel” the window closes and nothing is saved.
That is confusing for me, unexpected and can lead to loosing work.

Why it is confusing? , it ask to save your work or cancel your changed you made to your work or project . So if you Canceled the changes nothing is saved .

Some adjustments to your projects are saved in real time but not all .

I learned to click “save” , before closing Revo Scan … just to be sure , it also save my Model preview the way I like .

I never experienced that yet …

What operating system you use ?
Please include it next time .

Thanks for your reply.
I use Windows 10.
And I understand your logic, but the standard (?) Windows behaviour after clicking on the close button by asking “save or not, or cancel” is more intuitive, and gives you a second chance when you accidentially click on the close button.
I am curious if my opinion about this is shared by more users or not.

Well the Save/ Cancel is your second chance already after you closed the the window to reminds you about unsaved changes .

Maybe more clear wording like
Save / Close without changes

Would be more clear about what is going to happen ?

I will forward your suggestion to the team

Yes, you can save your work by being alert, but the window will close and you will have to restart the program.
So in my opinion the dialog box should ask for save yes or no, or cancel, like other programs do, and give the option to cancel closing.

I agree. The implied function of “Cancel” is cancelling your action, which in this case is the pressing of the X not saving the file.