Calibration board flatness


Does the calibration board need to be flat for accurate calibration?
Is it assumed in the calibration calculation process that it is flat?

The calibration board in my package is not flat.

If it needs to be flat (or improves the results by being flat), I will use double-sided tape to stick it to something flat. I wanted to ask the question before I do.

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This is no problem , you can put on it something heavy to change back to the original shape , this deformation will not affect your calibration , the only part what is important are the 5 big dots in the middle

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No need to stick it to something flat. Just put it in the oven, low temperatura for a while until the plastic softens a little. Then place on a flat surface and place a heavy book on it. Leave it for five minutes and it will be flat again.
Note: You will need to remove the piece that holds the foot and glue it again later.

Why removing the piece?, the other side is flat , just put it on the flat side and book on top.
I would be careful with an oven and melting , it is very fragile material , no more than 100F to get it warm , then put something heavy on top for over night .

If you don´t remove the piece, the book will not lie flat on top of the board and will not flatten the board correctly. But alternatively you could lie two books on the sides leaving the piece between them and then lie a third book on top of them. This should be enough to flatten the board correctly.
But you have to act fast because the PVC starts to get hard again as soon as it looses heat.

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