Borne out of ignorance so what do i choose


I am about as new at all of this as a person can be. I am trying to figure out which 3d scanner to get and for the life of me cannot decide. i like the Miraco and I like the Creality raptor but am to new to know what’s best or is there something else. i am looking for as much variability in scanning when it comes to size of object and detail plus human scanning etc. Any words if wisdom, guidance, laughs? i am open to all as long as I can use it for good. I am also open to other brand name scanners if anyone has any opinions on anything else.



If you are completely new to the topic and you are already considering such an important investment, I would recommend you to try first with one of the cheapest scanners (Inspire?) to learn a bit what is all about.

Perhaps even with it you already fulfill your expectations, which means you will be saving around 1K…

I have seen the specs of the Raptor, and they look impressive indeed. However, there are other topics that you need to consider in your decision:

a) Portability. Looks like you need to be tied to your PC to use the Raptor. Miraco is build for massive portability. How relevant is this for you?

b) Additional requirements. I suspect that the requirements for the PC to be used with the Raptor will be quite high… will you need to purchase a new -and expensive- computer?

c) Unfortunately (and I know, this is a Revopoint forum) Creality has not the best reputation regarding how it handles old products (you can check in FB about Lizard, or the first generation of the Ferret). On the other hand, Revopoint absolutely shines here. what if you spend 3k in your hobby and in 2 years you receive no further support because now the focus is on the new ‘Creality Dolphin’?

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THANK YOU! All valid points and information and absolutely consistent with what I have been reading. I was hoping even though this is a Revopoint forum that someone would provide me an answer like you did, balanced, not negative, yet practical. You have helped moved me closer to a decision.

If you don’t mind a couple more questions. If you have the Miraco is it fairly easy to operate and does it produce decent scans or at least good enough that a program such as fusion 360 will be able to complete and make ready for 3d printing? Is the support consistent and worth the cost of the scanner? Again, thanks.


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Unfortunately I don’t have a Miraco (I have a Range and a Mini)

But yes, These scanners are not difficult to use. There is of course a learning curve, but they are not difficult to use once you get the basics. Revopoint is publishing several tutorials and you will find that people here (or in FB) are really helpful and knowledgable.

You can get very nice prints from your scans. This is an example I did some months ago, taken with the range with my handy (thus, quite similar to what you can get with the Miraco):

And regarding integration with Fusion 360, no problem at all. Here you have I scanner I did recently with my mini (a piece of a van, at 1:43 scale)

and the same scan, in Fusion 360

That is actually better than I thought especially since you are not one of the reviewers or people posting some perfect reproduced pictures for advertisement. Thank you again for your responses. They have been very helpful and practical. Have a great weekend and I wish you well.


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Sorry one more question. I have been loking formsomeone to teach me 3d printing, some laser engarving stuff and dont seem to be able tomfind anyone whomcan or is what they say. I am loking formsomeonentomdomlive zoom or similar venue traings on this stuff for around 10 hours or so. Obviously will pay fair price. I have 2 printers the snapmakernartisan 3 in 1 andnthe Bambu x1 carbon. For better or worse thats what I have and really enjoying them and the possibilities but am stalĺed. I practice medicine and my brain does not work that way so a challenge, good for me, but need some live person help. Thoughts, referrals, etc.

In your case, I would try to find a maker club close to your place. A good starting point is here:

Good luck! (and have a nice weekend too!)

Hi Jeff, Miraco is very easy to operate , and have very good scan results , you can check some showcase gallery of MIRACO MIRACO - Revopoint 3D

Miraco is like marriage between Range 2 and POP3 , you have it all from small objects to huge object .

If you new to it that would b the best option , as Roberto already explained , very Valid points .

Your scanner is only as good as there is support for it by the company , other companies like Crealiy are resellers , they do not provide support , just one ride pony . Revopoint manufacturing it themselves and the support is unlimited .

Hi Sophie,

I have been 3d printing for years and recently got the itch to start doing some scanning to help with my designs. I was looking to spend about $1k on a scanner and came across the Miraco.

A few features that really sold me on it were its ability to work stand along and not be tied to a computer. It can be hard to watch what you are scanning, watch the computer, spin your object, etc. The Miraco allows you to watch the screen there in front of you and see easily in real time what you are scanning and how it is scanning. The little bar graph on the top lets you know when you get too far away or to close.

Another great feature is the ability to pause and undo. Some objects that have symmetry to them can confuse the scanner as it is looking for features to align. If those features are similar to another area of the part, it can get confused where it is scanning. Being able to stop and delete some of the recent scan frames in real time is super helpful to creating clean scans that you dont have to spend time extra time with later going in and cleaning up.

Where this scanner (and many others) struggle is with dark objects. There are plenty of work arounds with sprays and powders. In my experience the scanners that use blue light like the Raptor do better at picking up those dark objects without the need for sprays.

See a few of the scans I’ve done on my truck recently for an upcoming bumper build.


Sorry for the delay. My wife had a life threatening emergency and it has been a long road since then. Thanks so much for your response. Honestly a bit in over my head but I never shied away from a challenge. My name is Jeff by the way I just realized it is listed as Sophie and that is not intended i will change that. I have a question, I need some live online training on the printers and scanners as well as the design programs. i of course am happy to pay a fair price and commit to a block of time as well. Do you know of anyone or do you do that type of thing? Or can you suggest where i might put an ad out or a request or something to get me some training.

Thanks again your response was more than helpful and i have found the community is awesome and ready to help anytime. That is a very unusual thing now adays.


Hi Jeff,

first of all, I hope that your wife is getting better.

It will help if you tell us where do you live (time differences might be a blocker)

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Good point. Phoenix, AZ.


Then a good starting point might be this:

I see they offer some training courses. Good luck!!

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