Audio feedback suggestion

started playing with my new pop2 and Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.0.2.20220525a as a novice 3d scanner.

I notice without using a gimbal stabilizer i am very jerky and lose continuity of the “dots” path, Also trying to watch the preview screen and the video thumbnail and the object itself it is rather disorienting multitasking. I am sure with practice i will get better. However, i wonder if an audio beep could be enabled to let the user know the scanner is going too close or far from the object would help? or also the linear motion is too fast as well???

That functionality used to exist in Revo Scan’s predecessor (Handy Scan), but I just went looking for it and could not find it in either the Windows or Android versions.

Handy Scan is gone already for some time , no more download links available .

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You can use the audio beep feature by clicking this trumpet button in Revo scan. This feature is supported.


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Hi @Revopoint

the button is there but no audio sound at all in WIN version , no matter near or too far.

the beep sound did turn on and work on my win 10 laptop. did not seem very helpful to me though. THANKS!!

I would prefer it to say words in place of the anoyin sound. You never know it beeping because you too close or too far so you still need to check the screen all the time , make no sense to have it this way .

I would prefer a sliding scale instead of an On/Off indicator.

Sliding scale ?

The only indicator I need when scanning people so I can focus on the scanning sections , I guess my chopstick idea is still the best :laughing:

I’d like to know when I’m getting close to a distance boundary when I can’t see the screen.

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That would be a good one , vote :+1:

revoscan 5
please bring back or better the Audio feature, its handy when you can’t get visual feedback.

a beeping frequency based on distance and when not alligned it makes no sound.

@johnchen Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve passed your idea on to our software team for consideration.