Audi A6 Ashtray modification for USB


like to share my mod for the Ashtray of a Audi A6 4F.
It was scanned with the Revopoint mini. The Ashtray is slightly larger than good for the mini but it worked out pretty good in the end.
2 USB ports for charging with QC 3.0, 2 switches for lights and the middle switch for on/off, switched by the Ashtray lid.
The USB ports will be disabled when the lid get closed with the switch in the middle. This way the battery will not get drained.
I had to do 2 Scans and merge them together.

Without the Revopoint i would not have be able to do this. This part consists of nothing but angles and curves what did make it extremly difficult to work with.

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After that i used the scan to rebuild the frame and inserted my stuff i needed.

I did scan all the switches as well.

Lastly a video and photo of the final mod. Audio is in german please don´t mind it… ^^;

Fitting test


And here a photo where its located in the car.
Sadly i don´t have pictures or video when installed because it was a job for someone else.


Hi @Stelzer ,

This is an excellent showcase! Thank you for sharing! I pin it to the top so that more users can see it.

Welcome to share more showcases in the future.

Best Regards

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Excellent work!


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This is a terrific idea!!

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Love it.
This is why i believe that 3d scanners are the missing link for 3d printers.

Yeah but it was a lot of work. It’s not easy to get a CAD model from a 3d scan.
I wish I would have a copy of Geomagnetic.