【Announcement】Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner Beta Tester Recruitment!

Dear Revopoint community members,

Thank you all for your participation! After careful consideration, we have decided to select @Pewcannon as MIRACO’s beta tester.

Once again, we appreciate everyone’s active participation. If you weren’t selected this time, please don’t be discouraged, as your participation is still under consideration for future opportunities. Please keep an eye out for updates from us.

Please DM us your address information so we can arrange the delivery of the MIRACO. @Pewcannon

Best regards,

The Revopoint Team

Hello Revopoint Community!

As a company dedicated to enhancing product performance and meeting diverse user needs, we are beyond excited to announce the launch of our flagship 3D scanner, the MIRACO!

From bolts to helicopters, the Revopoint MIRACO can 3D scan it all. This lightweight standalone scanner is packed with advanced hardware, enabling it to accurately capture big and small objects on the fly. With its massive 48-megapixel RGB Camera, users can experience photo-realistic 3D color models.

Learn more and sign up here: Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner Kickstarter Sign Up

We’re recruiting for a Beta Tester who will get to experience MIRACO before anyone else and, most importantly, get MIRACO for free.

To participate:

:one: Click the link to subscribe it: Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner Kickstarter Sign Up

:two: Share your creations made with any Revopoint scanner in the comments section and tell us the story behind your creation.

Don’t miss this chance to become our beta tester and receive a free MIRACO 3D Scanner.

Remember, only one lucky winner will be selected!

:alarm_clock:Recruitment period:

The recruitment runs until 10:00 PM ET (UTC -4) on Oct 12th, 2023.

:calendar:Winner Announcement:

Oct 13, 2023

Applying for this opportunity means that you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions


Good day!

I currently have multiple modeling projects ongoing with my RevoPoint Mini which i received. The mini works very well for much smaller items and stitching scans together is required above a specific size limit.

All of my favorite scans are “functional” for a reason. For example a family member had paid a lot of money to get a windscreen on their Side by Side. The windshield has clips that attach to the frame of their side by side, and one cracked rendering it useless. I removed the alternate one and set it down for scan. This model consists of about 6 scans, and 3 separate merges to come up with the final model you see.

As you can see the complexity of this scan is immense. This would be impossible for my skills in any 3d modeling software to re-create let alone get measurements off of.
It took me a few hours to create and clean up the 3d model.
With all the specific bends to perfectly form to the frame to which the clip is designed for, this clip would not function at all.

this Revopoint was able to scan the piece. Export to STL, and i was able to print the part for them without them having to spend 80+ dollars on the spare parts from the vendor. Only sanding and modification i had to do on this unit was due to the supports that was required to print.

My wife also has many chickens. One of her waterers broke and the cap that held the water in while filling had snapped off. I needed it quick, i had 20 minutes to spare. I ran the part into the scanner let it run a single scan, and cleaned it up. The initial scan took only 5 minutes (mind you a single scan, not merged) but after a one-click processing and an export i had an STL. It was small enough to print quickly on my Creality K1 to get it printed in 5 minutes as well totally only 10 Minutes from start of scan, to finish printing!

Ran it out to her and it worked great! Still using it a few months later.

This along with many other projects I’ve had and are still in development where the Revopoint scanner far outweighs the abilities i have as a 3d modeler. The Revopoint series scanners really enable users who have little to no experience the abilities to copy and generate the proper 3d files they need, and relatively quickly.

I hope i get the chance to scan much larger items with the MIRACO in the future and continue to review products.


I currently own a Revopoint mini and use it to archive and duplicate rare robot toy parts from the 70’s and 80’s. This allows me to perform seemless restorations by printing my scans on a UV resin printer. Also, i can edit the scanned part within blender to create custom part.
The Miraco would allow me to scan the larger accessories that used to come with these 60cm toys.

Can you tell which parts are repros ?

Best Regards and good luck to all.

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If this new product is more for an industrial use maybe I have no chance to win, but in any case I’d like to try my chance :slight_smile:
Because a standalone scanner with capability of scanning large objects mean ability to scan cars and I really would like to scan cars easily.

Now to my story;

I am mostly interested in toys and figures. I like scanning head and body and then altering toys. I’ve done this for most of the family and friends but here I’ll give examples from home.

In this one I scanned my head and attached it to my favorite figures (storm troopers)


This toy came with a missing part as a gift to my son and the store didn’t have any more in their stock. I scanned the other side and made a clone. Not bad ?


Jedis from the family , and a family frame :slight_smile: I know the painting is not great, but I’m no professional artist :slight_smile:


This one was for the Halloween. I split the scanned head model and placed a candle in it. Also the eyes are holes, and when the battery operated candle is lit, light comes from eyes.

I also have made a base station for my Riley scanning the original one, because I had 2 robots and 1 base station. So I scanned the original base station and combining with a basic charging cable, I had a working second charging station. That’s also a small home project I’m proud with. However, it’s not with us anymore :frowning:

I’m not hopeful to win this contest, but if I win , I’m sure to have lots of toys made from scanned cars or other large toys.

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That is a lovely scan. Nice one.

This is really very good scanning! Very glad MINI can help you so much in life!

Hello! I have been a hardcore Revopoint advocate since I hopped onboard for the MINI Launch. I have also had a chance to try out the Pop2, and though I can’t afford another scanner right now, I do my best to make the most of scanning from my MINI. I mostly do small part repairs for people, but I also do a lot of creative work and these scanners are perfect for that. Revopoint showcased my MetaHuman project when I used the scanner to scan my own face.


I also built a really cool cake topper to match my son’s birthday party theme (Toy Story) by scanning a little green Army Guy and replicated/modified it before 3D printing it…

There are so many things that can be done with these scanners, and even if I don’t get to test the new MIRACO scanner, I would love to see what kind of doors it opens and will probably eventually buy one anyways in the future.


Using the pop 2
A friend has a sister who has been in an accident. When she gets cold one of her hands clenches up. She has a brace specially made to keep her fingernails from digging into her skin when her hand clenches up.
Her brace is old and has broken a couple times and they had to super glue it back together.
We scanned it and printed her another brace!

So I’m completely new to 3d scanning, currently a hobbyist that has 2d scanned some “stuff” and self taught on fusion 360 so I could 3d print the solutions. I’d love to be able to scan and learn how to integrate this with my work

Please see attached print made from some scans of gaskets

I would love to get my hands on the new MIRACO and put it’s name to the test!.
I already own a MINI and soon a INSPIRE, I also own resin and filament 3D printers.
I have knowledge on modeling with MODO and ZBRUSH.
I’m also a web designer/developer with more than 18 years of experience.

Why is this important? because I can test what MIRACO can do in many ways.
I can also have a very close comparison with other two scanners and see if MIRACO can do close and mid size scans.

I own a 2023 mac computer so I can test the performance of it against a mac mini with M2 processor.
I already pushed mini to the test and coud get impressive scans and prints from hard to scan items ( Aztec Calendar ) that you already showcased.

I also have already some insights about the RS5 software as an expert in IU/UX.
So if you find that I can be the one, I would be more than happy to help in any way I can.


hello my name is Chris I’ve been a mechanical drafter for many years, a 3d modeler for a few years, and I’m also a content creator. And I don’t currently own a Revopoint scanner. but as soon as my friend Matt came back from rapid TCT with a full body scan of himself I knew that the technology was reaching the point where I would be willing to invest. and what set Revopoint apart for me is the software I know that I don’t necessarily fit the criteria for the beta testing but with the audience I have I feel like I have something to offer your company. I thank you in advance for your consideration

Now I have some kind of possible comparison to I think any Revopoint product - DIY scanner. I don’t have appropriate software, so non-working calibration always break the result to “unreliable” state with theese well known multiple surfaces and blur and noise everywhere. But even this way it is a formidable competitor :slight_smile:

BUT… Even if I’ll buy the software required that will make the thing finally working, it still be a stationary scanner that can’t be used in a lot of situations. Here is where portable scanners are must have anyway.

Hello! I am the owner of POP MINI, POP3, before I wanted to be a tester several times, because I try to purchase new products and use them in my work, what you presented to me with your head is what I was looking for! )) Let me remind you about myself, I do auto and motorcycle tuning, I constantly develop improvements, both in music and parts of bodies and dashboards, work is impossible without Revo!

1)Mudguard for a rare car, printed from rubber, after scanning it was enough to process it a little and print it, perfect job!
2) Music installation for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and internal tuning of a racing car for a drift team
3)Mercedes Benz windshield wiper module
4)Wheel caps for Volkswagen Amarok
5)Заслонка печки автомобиля Jeep Wrangler
6) Restoring motorcycle moldings after an accident
7) My daughter, a little inspiration for work =)))

And this is a small part of the work, hundreds of photos and hundreds of satisfied clients thanks to REVO!

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Dear Revopoint:
I 3d print a lot and have had need of a scanner for over a year. I have put off getting one to watch more and more breakthroughs and improvements in technology. Seeing that MIRACO can do both as small as a screw to all the way up to a helicopter is the truly the answer to what I have been waiting for. While there are certainly people far more experienced and have purchased other Revopoint products I would be thrilled to partake in testing this product as a newbie to document the experience of a complete beginner to the world of 3d scanning with the goal in mind to attract other beginners and first time 3d scanner purchasers to this particular product.
Very respectfully yours,

Hey all,

So currently I am in the process of starting my own 3d design and engineering products, helping people to repair rather than replace items. Whether these are household, automotive, or just general items, it gives people the power to save money in these trying times (especially here in the UK).

I currently don’t have a 3D scanner but a lot of the parts I design are based upon existing products. One such project I am currently working on is an adaptor plate for a motorcycle intercom system that allows the user to fit the equipment to their specific helmets. These parts are made up fully of compound curves and are particularly difficult and time consuming to design in CAD without good scan data. A 3D scanner like the Miraco would mean I could provide people with perfectly designed, fit for purpose products.

Hello. I am a professional sculptor in Los Angeles California. I am looking for something to scan clay models primarily. 18"-30".I am going to purchase this year for tax purposes but need something that works well. I primarily use a plasticine clay that is relatively matte. I need to out put for both molds and cnc output. Is this possible with this product? Do you have a rep in LA that can show me whats possible? The forms are a bit confusing. Thank you

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I was considering buying a Range to scan my wife’s baked/unbaked clay artwork of busts upto 50x50x50 cm. I’m wondering whether to wait for the Miraco now.
Is putting the email address in the link sufficient for signing up as beta tester?