An inexpensive robotic arm would be a great accessory

After watching videos on inexpensive robotic arms, it seems reasonable to have one of them to move the scanner. The arms can be trainable or programmable with interactive software to make it easy.
This one seems to be of good quality and a serious tool. The arms seem to come in at $200 to $300.
7Bot-6-axis robot arm from China. This was developed in 2016 so there are no doubt newer models.

Here is one from Amazon that might work as well except it does not have the sophisticated software as does the 7Bot arm.

Alternately, of course the arm could move the to-be-scanned object.

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I like the basic idea, but, with arms in that kind of price range, you’re probably better off moving the item you’re scanning than trying to move the camera.

I’ve personally contemplated the practicality of having a camera on a ring that rotates around the object and can be raised or lowered to get different perspectives. Admittedly, it’s a beyond my current abilities, but I do think that it could be made to work, especially if you don’t mind manually raising the track every revolution.

Easy enough to get a small geared motor to raise the ring or gear it to the turntable so it syncs up well.

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