All INSPIRE Kickstarter Backers, Share Your Backer Number for a Chance to Win a Prize!

Hi @albutch ,
Backer 157!
Saw your backer number, thank you very much for your support and good luck.

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Hi @Denny ,
Welcome back! Thank you for your continued support,good luck for you. :smile:

Backer 498

Hello! Backer #1936 here.

Backer #2446
I was happy with my POP1 , but I understand this is a very good upgrade option.

Trust me @ilkeraktuna , you will be not disappointed, huge difference between both of them . INSPIRE bringing out so much more details .
Check my INSPIRE’S showcase here in the forum PUTV - INSPIRE 3D Scanner Showcase - #12 by PUTV


Backer number 900 - which is amazing, I thought I was pretty quick after it went live.

thanks. I’d be more interested to see scanned action figures…

what scale action figures?

Backer 1160
Looking forward to start scanning.

10cm to 15cm tall

The first scan in my showcase is 10cm tall , look at the details , you will get an idea what INSPIRE is capable of .

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Backer #126 here

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Backer 807

Hello @dezo ,
Welcome!Thanks for choosing our scanner. Excited to see your upcoming projects! :hugs:

Hi @mwtse
Thank you for backing INSPIRE! Your backer number has been recorded.
Good luck! :blush:

Hi @GeoAir_3D
Welcome to our community! Good luck in the lucky draw! :clap:

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We have received your backer number.Thank you for your support of INSPIRE! :blush: