7. How to deal with Exceptional Scan Scenarios?

7.1 Insufficient Points

Question: Insufficient Points prompts appears while scanning.
Solution: Please check the following items:
Step 1: Check if the scanner aims to the target object in a proper angle.
Step 2: Please check the surface characteristics of the target object, including its smoothness, reflectivity, color (particularly dark, black, or transparent shades), and material composition, particularly if it is made of glass. If yes, scanning spray is necessary.

Step 3: Check the exposure of the Depth Camera.

Check the preview window of the depth camera, and if there are large areas in blue or red, please adjust the exposure parameters to normal levels.

7.2 Loss Track

If the window displays a “Loss track” notice during scanning, please re-target the scanner to a previously-scanned area (blue) that has plenty of distinct features and keep still for several seconds so that the scanner can re-acquire tracking. When the red portion of the display changes to green, scanning can resume.

7.3 Noise and Holes on the Scan

Occasionally, the captured model may contain noise and holes. There’s no need to worry, as you can address this issue by editing the model afterward.

7.4 Delete Scan or Re-scan

In case of a significant area of misalignment in the captured data or if you are highly dissatisfied with the scanned model, you have two options. You can either click “Complete” to initiate a fresh scan or use the delete icon on the toolbar to remove the existing data and start a new scan.

7.5 Fail to Tracking

When scanning, tracking failure appears frequently. Please check the following items:

Step 1: Verify whether the surface of the target object possesses abundant geometric features, lake note of any curved, flat, or symmetrical surfaces, as these factors can potentially impact the scanning process.

Step 2: Use Markers.

If the geometric features of the object are not clearly discernible, please utilize marker points to assist with the scanning process.

Take the disposable cup as an example