3d scanning spray

A very economical suggestion, I think (I can’t find how many ounces are in the AEsub Blue spray, but it would have to be more than 40-50 ounces to provide the same ratio of $/spray).


Had to have my gall bladder ripped outta me so I still havent had time to play but the dry shampoo idea seems very interesting! I see the Bastiste brand on amazon for $10 for 10oz…is that about the cheapest? Has anyone tested different brands?

i received few cans (400ml) of Attblime AB2 which I will test vs. Aesub Blue, as they seem to work the same, but Attblime is much cheaper at €13.50 (resp. with discount €9.50 atm).

I purchased 2 cans of blue…

Most of the dry shampoo sprays I see are about $1 per ounce. A significantly cheaper possibility that I will test this weekend is something I found on the Target website, the Not Your Mother’s selection of dry shampoo sprays for about $0.68 per ounce.



Вот хорошее средство. Мел и изопропанол. Высыхает быстро. Очищается легко.

Thanks for the hint!
Just translating for others :
“ Here’s a good remedy. Chalk and isopropanol. Dries quickly. Easy to clean."

Tried this on my pewter dragon. Unfortunately, not only did I not get better results, they weren’t even as good.

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Thanx for the info! Too bad it sucked :frowning: I still haven’t played with my scanner yet lol Ugh, life always gets busy when you don’t want it to :wink:

Как смешивать ингредиенты и как их применять?

Это я рассказал состав баллона.

Это не ответ на мой вопрос.

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What I use is dry shampoo in a spray can, it’s really cheap and comes off very easily. Maybe a little too easily, you can’t touch the sprayed areas, it will come off from your fingers. When finished a damp paper towel will clean it up nicely. I get mine from the dollar store.


Of course, I can pre-translate and add already translated messages

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Thanks a lot for your effort. :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered a free sample of Attblime AB Zero LF. It’s solvent free for those items with fading paint that you can’t afford to lose as the product ‘sublimates’. (This has been documented and happened to me as well.)
It’s not yet on their website yet (AB Zero is different and still uses solvents, although reduced.)
Too bad they’re not sold on amazon. Shiping is almost as expensive as one spray can unit.

If you are in Australia, you can buy AB Zero here.