1968 Chevy Impala Wagon Taillight reproduction

1968 Chevy Impala Wagon Taillight reproduction.

Customer contacted me for a pretty ambitious project. The Impala Wagon taillight are unique from the other body styles and no aftermarket company has made replacements for these cars.

After 54 years of weathering even the best used versions will still be cracked.

This was a project for the mini.

Using light coat of developer spray, I was able to complete and align the mesh in studio.

Resin printed in a custom mix of ABS-like and Nylon-like Resin.

The red tint was off so the main lens requires additional coloration and automotive clear.

With the main body sorted the OEM center lens was tested as well as light transmission

Now with the main lens sorted we now need to focus on the center lens. The backup lens is clear but is all red for the other 4 lenses so this was used as a reference model to scan and reverse engineer for replacements.


These 2 required tinting

Shipped out to the customer for testing and he is completely satisfied.

We are now offering these from SkreetKar3D and started production for several sets.

Thanks Revopoint



That’s an amazing amount of work, with a lot of attention to detail.

I am curious, though, how you were able to match original colors when every reference you have is decades old.


Layering VHT followed by 1K automotive clear.

I was in the dark end but the customer wanted the dark look… and to be honest we both believe this is likely closer to original vs 54 years of fade.


You might even be able to source a chrome trim ring the correct diameter , and make that fit the shape if you shave the size down enough to compensate for internal size of chrome bezel/trim? or even in Billet/CNC one

True, the customer was actually requesting the lens all red so it was scanned together. Originally the ring was planned to be removed like the center lens.

But good tip.

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Another option is to print it in resin and electroplating

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