1962 Ford Fairlane Quarter panel end caps

1962 Ford Fairlane Quarter panel end caps. Customer wanted rear section rounded off and printed in CF. These are Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate.

Stainless M3 Hardware with Brass Threaded inserts.

Little trick to minimize your design time. Clay or in this case Playdough was used to make a filler cap for the factory part.

Then the the item was scanned and the model cleaned up in Revo Studio and Blender for smoothing.


Customer specifically requested CF PC for the finish he was targeting. This are rear parts and he did want to modify and paint the OEM. A single scan of the Drivers side part was mirrored for the Passenger side as it was verified to be a exact mirror fitment.

Comparing OEM and Printed parts:

As the parts were printed with 99% infill the scan holes were used as reference points for enlarging for the Threaded Inserts:

Finished parts:

Disregard the support sanding marks the lighting on this material makes this look worst than they actually are it’s completely smooth and ready for pickup. Customer is extremely satisfied.



Excellent work Sam, thanks for sharing!

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