[Winners Announced] Revopoint Father's Day Giveaway!

:tada:We thank everyone who participated in our Father’s Day Spot the Differences challenge.

We set 6 noticeable differences, including the missing potted plant, the color of the spray bottle, the size of the yellow gear, the model of the scanner, the color of the helmet, and the color of the little girl’s shoes.

However, some eagle-eyed friends also noticed some extra other minor differences that we didn’t, so hats off to them for that.:fire:

And the lucky winners are (view the lottery video to see the draw):

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For those who didn’t win this time, don’t be disappointed. More fun events will be coming soon.

Thank you once again for making this event enjoyable!:raised_hands:t2:

Happy Father’s Day!:clap:It’s 𝐆𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲 Time!

Can you spot all the differences between these two scenes? Comment below and win a prize!

:fire:How to Enter:

  1. Give us a thumbs up.
  2. Comment on this post listing the differences you’ve spotted in the scenes.


:1st_place_medal:First Prize: Dual-axis Turntable*1

:2nd_place_medal:Second Prize: Scanning Spray*3

:3rd_place_medal:Third Prize: Screen Protector for MIRACO or Marker Points*5

Contest End Date:

JUN 20th, 10 AM EDT. The winner will be announced within three working days.

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on the right different:

  • the spray on the shelf is black ( white on the left image )
  • yellow gear ring bigger
  • guy holding a pop scanner instead of miraco
  • protective helmet on the table red instead of black
  • flowers in the window (left missing)
  • girl with red shoes (left yellow)


are the easy to spopt ones, still wondering where the difficult one is to win, in the low resolution i found some differences in the back and structure of the table until i realised i can get a better resolution where it is all the same :smiley:

Two different great product scan tools in the fathers hands (which I love my Miraco scan tool)

Flower pot in the window

The white and black spray paint on the shelf

Little girls shoes red and yeller

Black and red bike helmet

The lighting color temperature is 3.5k warm light and the other one is 3.6k warmer shade on the spectrum chart

The tools on the left were bought from the local hardwire store and the ones on the right were stolen

Photo on the left was clearly taken at 10am and the one on the right was 4pm

Bike helmet color
Girl shoe color
Spray can on shelf color
Miraco vs pop scanner held by man
Flowers missing in widow
One of the gears on shelf is small in one pic

One holding Miraco. The other pop product
Helmets are different color
In one there is a plant with flowr, in the other one it does not

There’re 6 differences on the left from the right image:

  1. A white spray bottle instead of black on the top shelf
  2. Man holds a Miraco scanner instead of a pop 3
  3. A black helmet instead of red on the work table
  4. A smaller yellow bicycle gear wheel than the one on the right
  5. The girl wears yeallow shoes instead of red
  6. There’s a flower plant in a yellow pot by the window instead of missing on the right.

the spray on the shelf is black ( white on the left image )

Yellow gear ring bigger

Guy holding a pop scanner instead of miraco

Protective helmet on the table red instead of black

Flowers in the window (left missing)

Girl with red shoes (left yellow

The father has yellow line on the right shoulder of his shirt.

The father has a line on his righ arm

No flowers in the window
Different scanner
Helmet is a different color
Smaller gear
Different color spray paint
Different shoes on the girl

The can of paint changed color.

The bike helmet changed color.

The girl’s shoes changed color.

The plant pot is gone.

The yellow gear on the book shelf is smaller in the right image.

The scanner in the man’s hand is different from left and right.