[Windows & Mac ] Revo Scan V5.4.3

Dear all,

Revo Scan 5.4.3 for Windows and macOS are now available on the official website.

Download it at: Best 3D Scanning Software-Revo Scan 5


  1. Adds support for MINI 2.
  2. Fixes some bugs.
  3. Optimizes the UX.
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is it possible to get a more detailed update log please? thanks

Hi @johnchen

This is a minor update, fixing some bugs as well as optimizing some features, and that’s all the update points.

I believe there was added a exposure blue box area to the RGB cam, and also closing holes function while fusing ( automatic markers holes closing feature updated)
Optimized various features as Jane already stated, not major update but significant improvement overall.
The main purpose of this update was MINI 2 profile .


Could you pleae also give an short update how things are going with the test and development to support 3Dconnexion hardware like the famous SpaceMouse?
Will it be supported in the future? Are there maybe even dev builds where I could help to test them?

Once you’ve used a SpaceMouse, you won’t want to do without it again. :wink:

So would be really great to have it supported in one of the next version of your great software.

That is not how it works , the dev team is much more ahead from the public releases .

So the next release may not yet include the new requested features .

Is there a way to default the led’s on all the products to be “off” by default?
I almost scanned someone (thank goodness they were not looking at the scanner at the time) that had issues with epilepsy. aka they cannot deal with strobing lights. This is why i use my revopoint soft light led box instead when scanning people. It is just a question. If not, i will make sure its covered when setting up. and yes i also use the Android and IOS versions.

You can set it OFF under RGB camera preview , hold it down when setting up to be safe , using color setting ON will normally activate it .

What scanner you are using ?