Verify Setup and Correct use

Recently received the Inspire, although I believe this ask is relevant for any Revopoint scanner, especially for users who troubleshoot similarly.

Like others, I’ve watched Revopoint support videos, read posts here and consulted the official documentation. During my scans I’ve adjusted settings, distances, etc, each time trying to determine the specific impact of the change. After scanning Agrippa many times, I’ve wondered if my attempts were as good as what someone else would produce.

Has Revopoint created a post-processed file, in addition to all input settings, as a reference for the best possible way to scan Agrippa?

I’d like to run calibration, ensure I’m within specs, and then follow very specific steps to get to my export-ready state. I’ve been wondering whether the scanner is capable of detecting the pupils of the eye. If yes, then it’s my technique and settings or environment. If not, it’s a hardware limitation.

The takeaway - using the same equipment and version of RevoScan, I want to compare my effort to a pro’s in order to determine whether my workflow and settings are as good as they should be.