The software on iphone has no accuracy at all!

This is meshed by iphone

This is meshed by android

This is meshed by iphone

This is meshed by windows

All the settings are similar, all the softwares are updated. The software for iPhone should be rewrite.

Hi @angelo

We were not able to reproduce the issue you mentioned. Could you please send us the log at Feedback in the software settings? We will analyze it to see what went wrong.

Thank you!

You just try these two device and you will find the difference,don’t look at the log,it always shows no problem!

Thank you! We found the problem, we’ll fix it and give you feedback. :handshake:

I don’t think hat was the problem , the android meshing quality was always like that from the beginning , very low meshing . The only thing it was usable to use models with textures to share online , but not really for processing as Android phones usually don’t have that power , unless you have a good Android phone , but the Android have a project files that can be exported to computer and that really don’t matters to most of us, the reason we asked to have full project files on Android instead of meshing quality .

Is Miraco (also Android) also affected?

MIRACO uses completely different software than android mobile devices.

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Android have the ability to set the quality to point ,but iphone don’t have it