Suggestion for Miraco - Mirroring the view in selfie mode

Hello again!

The ‘selfie’ mode is really a great feature that I appreciate a lot.

One thing I have trouble getting used to is the horizontal orientation - when I turn to the left I see myself turning to the right on the screen.

I get why this happens, but it is sometimes disorienting when trying to maintain a track.

It would be really great to have some way to flip the live preview horizontally, something like a ‘mirror mode’, to make it easier to position and rotate the subject (or yourself) for the optimal coverage and tracking.

Thanks for viewing and considering this suggestion.

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Great suggestion but how you can see yourself while scanning when you moving your eyes while following the screen , that result in bad scan in the eye area …

The idea for the selfie is to see yourself and then focus your eyes on a distance point after clicking start and moving the scanner from left to right or vs. Or sit on a chair and rotate yourself while the scanner is on a tripod.

Thanks for the response.

I understand your point, maybe my use case is outside of scope. For my current research I’m using it to try and get as high resolution as possible (near mode) in facial areas that don’t include the eyes.

I’m experimenting with mounting a mirror behind the unit which will do the same thing I need.

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