[SOLVED] RevoScan 5 install issues, missing MFPlat.DLL

Does anyone have a solution for the following errors:

  • Code execution cannot proceed because MF.dll was not found
  • " MFPlat.DLL "

Error suggests reinstalling but this does not work. Have the same download file (RevoScan5- work on another computer which is lesser spec than the one I am trying to install on.


Hello @rradovic ,

Can you provide the following information for our reference?

  1. Revo Scan version: XXXX (e.g. RevoScan_V5.0.1_xxxxxxxxx)
  2. System: XXXX (e.g. PC, Mac, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Exynos 9820, 6GB RAM, Android 12)

Hi Rad

I assume this issue is happening in Win11 ?

I ask because you are not first that encounters this issue on Win11 what is really not related to Revopoint Revo Scan software but very necessary to run it .

Mfplat.dll errors are caused by situations that lead to the removal or corruption of the mfplat DLL file. This file is part of Microsoft’s Media Foundation Platform. Not all versions of Windows have this installed, which is one reason the file might be missing.

Here are link how to fix this issue on your computer


Version is (RevoScan5-

System is OC, W10Pro, 2xIntel Xeon V4 2686, 128GB Ram DDDR4, Quadro M4000

Thanks for the info, system is W10 pro. But will go through and see if I can fix the issue with the link provided

All sorted now, thanks Catharina.

W10 N version need the media pack installed.

That’s wonderful to hear Rad,

Glad you was able to fix it in no time …