[Solved] Installer software, missing options


My first feedback will be about the software installer for Windows.
First thing : when you change the language from chinese to English, the buttons and text stay in chinese on this screen, after that it’s in englishCapture d’écran (67)|466x283

For me thhe most annoying next problem is : the installer never ask WHERE you want to install, they install the software directly on the C: drive
Even if my software SSD is the D: drive

Can you add a location selection menu.!


Same problem with my computer. The C drive is a rather small SSD. I normally don’t install anything there other than Windows. If I could tell the installer to put it in my D drive, I’d be a happy camper.

If you are comfortable with editing the registry - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] there is a string called ProgramFilesDir, by default with the value C:\ProgramFiles. You can change the value to D:\ProgramFiles and now any installed program will go to the new location of D:\ProgramFiles.

That is from Installing Software on a different drive than C:\. Who is - Microsoft Community

This will change the default for ALL programs that don’t ask and when they do ask they would probably have the default as whatever you put in there. I would change it to install this program then change it back again. The size of the install I did is only 366MB so there really shouldn’t be a problem with space issues but there is a workaround if you need it.


I know, the place is not my problem I have 3 1To ssd.
But I don’t see any programs since years who don’t ask where to install, it’s an ultra basic feature.
Because your solution was cool, but it’s not a solution but a hack

Oh I agree, they should allow you to select where to install!!! I have only seen a handful of programs that do this in the past 10 years…maybe not even a handful. Hopefully they will fix it!

True, adjusting the Registry is sort of a last resort thing, but I’ve had trouble with trying to redirect installed software since I got my machine. It’s a rather small (128 GB) SSD and it’s already sitting at about 80%, so anytime I can re-direct installations to the 2 Tb D:drive, I’m very happy. Thanks for the info to do that.

Hi ,

Thanks for your feedback. I will transfer it to our engineer, and try to improve this point in the future.