Sketchfab - Baking wireframe to textures in blender

From scan to Stock - A quest for mesh wireframe display

Baked wireframe texture mesh - Blender

The journey

For my POP3 use case, from 3d scan to machining stock alignment and CNC milling, i wanted to show the original textured model alongside with the edge lit simplified model i used for stock/machining reference and i hit a wall with sketchfab shader limitation

One can either set all in wireframe or not, there is no selective way (that i know of) that allows one model to be viewed as wireframe longside with a shaded model


The hack

I bypassed that initially by having a model converted to wireframe mesh overlay a shaded model with a single color material. This however resulted in a heavy processing specially on mobile viewing (warning heavy model ahead)

The research

But for widespread sharing this will not fly, so i started researching on how to bake the wireframe in blender.

First i had a oriented chat with chatGPT to get a feel for what to look for, in parallell to that I and came across two videos;

My best solution (up to this post date)

In the end I followed up “Texture baking for beginners” but simplify the node use.

By using emission nodes plugged to a mix shader i made sure i did not had to worry about shadow casting over the texture.

The result is the first model shown in this post :wink:

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Awesome. I will have to try this.

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