Scanning container plants

New forum user here who is interested in buying a Revopoint 3D scanner. How feasible would it be to scan small to medium container plants, and which Revopoint models would be most suitable?

Does anyone have any sample 3D scans that they can share of small to medium plants which show the details of the stem, branches, and leaves?

Hi @moco

You can do it using INSPIRE or RANGE 2
But it is not easy process because leaves creates shadows and if the plant is very bushy or dense you will get lots of areas that will not be scanned . Plants can’t be moved while scanning so even more difficult, also leaves do not have enough volume so the edges will be jagged .

You will better end with 3D plant generator .

Thanks for the response! A plant generator is not suitable for my purposes since I want to have 3D scans of actual plants in my home. However, I just found this post using the Miraco which looks promising

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I scanned small tree as well , but as I said it will be not an easy task to get the scan of the plant easy and complete , you will be not able to scan the underside of the plant in many cases it depends of the plant and it’s structure .

Thanks again - those are excellent points about the underside and about bushy or dense plants

One more tip , fir preventing the plant to move or shake , use single shot option and walk around the plant , on turntable the branches usually moving and shaking so easy to get ghosting or lose tracking .

My best experience was walking around and take single shots like you do with camera , more relaxing way and you can always go back to places where you missed something .

All scanners use single shot , but I would recommend Miraco, Range 1-2 or INSPIRE