Help scanning a highly complex natural structure

Hi there,

I recently purchased the Revopoint Mini for research purposes. For this project, I am hoping to 3D scan flowers outside. This requires me to scan small flowers, sometimes 2-5cm across, with incredibly complex and small structural details (e.g., floral reproductive anatomy, petals)

I’m having some trouble getting the scans to turn out. They are either too noisy, poorly resolved, or both. Attached is a picture of some one test scan.

I’d appreciate any advice, if any, on getting better resolution for thin, natural surfaces, with complex and tiny structural details. Thanks!

First of all MINI need to have controlled ambient light , it is not really designed to scan outdoors , plus you need to use 3D spray since not all colors are scannable like yellow, red, green, purple etc most colors of the flowers .

You need to buy a very thin layer 3D spray to catch the details , have controlled light environment , keep the closest distance of all time , the petals do not have enough volume so they are hard to scan but not impossible . Translucent and semi translucent materials need 3D spray , Attblime Zero or AESUB Yellow .

Preferably a turntable , with steady tripod and proper distance .

And lots of practice