Scan object 3D print in big

Hello all :stuck_out_tongue:

I showed you a scan I made of a century-old plaster bust for a client, here are the results of my 620mm high 3D prints.

The customer was super happy with the result, and it was only possible for me because of the quality of the POP scanner.

The loss of details is only due to the three coats of acrilic paint that I had to apply to hide the layers of print that she did not want to see


Great result!
Hiw did you apply the paint? With brush or sprayed it? Would you mind showing what paint did you use?


I just used simple cheap wall paint applied with brush.
On the first layer you see after drying the layers, in the second it’s okay and in the third it’s perfectly hide

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Complimenti, grande!

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I’m duly impressed. I first thought the original was on the right but then realized it was on the left.

Your printer has a large working area! Are you able to do all 620mm in a single print?

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Yes i can make maximum of 1100x1100x1200mm

I own my 3d printing business :wink:

Great work! Really impressive.

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That is very impressive!

(This is obviously off-topic, but you know inquiring minds…!)

Is your printer a commercial product or did you build it yourself?
How long did it take to print the bust?

It’s a commercial printer, I can’t say the name because for now it’s a closed test.

It take me 3 days because I printed them with 0.4 nozzle to avoid too big layer steps, harder to hide with paint