Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner: 3D Scanning Redefined | Coming soon on KICKSTARTER

From bolts to helicopters, the Revopoint MIRACO can 3D scan it all. This lightweight standalone scanner is packed with advanced hardware, enabling it to accurately capture big and small objects on the fly.

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Ok. A new scanner. Could you compare it to mini ? Inspire ? Pop3 ? Range ? Thanks.

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A scanner standalone


Thats looks promising. I have Range and I need but dont want to buy another scanner for smaller items. Now maybe I can sell my Range and buy this one.

But its kind a make me sad to see you constantly pushing new scanners. Also when I see 15 fps on your first page info and I hope it will more than that before final product.

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What an interesting direction to be going in.

I like the idea of eliminating the need for the phone, or nearby computer/laptop

Another extremely usable product in a nicely expanding product range.


You can’t compare it to any of the scanners above
It is standalone device with own computer , power supply, touch screen and 2 scanners in one covering every distance from early scanners .
Complete solution for all your needs …

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Hello @Myrdhin

Thank you very much for your interest in MIRACO!

(1) Firstly, MIRACO is an all-in-one device and a professional-grade scanner suitable for industrial applications. It does not require cables, which sets it apart from previous scanners and makes it more user-friendly.

(2) MIRACO is capable of scanning objects of varying sizes, with adjustable accuracy at different distances: Up to 0.05mm @150mm, Up to 0.5mm @600mm, catering to diverse requirements.

(3) MIRACO boasts a 48MP RGB camera, enabling the capture of stunning 8K color, thereby delivering exceptional color performance.

There are numerous other specifications to explore. Please stay tuned as we dissect each one individually.


The speed is excellent and so is the tracking … don’t forget it have own computer and software , don’t need to run via USB or WiFi so the 15 fps are just about right . This is total different animal :wink::joy:

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Yes, it will be more user friendly, no more hassle with lots of cables.

2 scanners can always be compared in terms of results, accuracy, etc. I’m not talking about the features that only it has like the fact that it is independent, that it has a touch screen, etc.

Not at this moment , it is still a beta product and things changes on a daily basis for better …
I will only tell you that one of the mode is already better than Range … fantastic tracking on a real big objects , and crisp details … I was able to scan things at once that Range can’t … dream come true …


A helicopter is huge.


I have just seen the page explaining some of the features of this scanner and I find them exciting!
Of course, the first is the possibility of having a single tool that can be used without anything else (mobile phone, computer, and no form of power supply!) is really priceless to me. I am very often on the road for work (I am a professional art conservator and I travel all over Italy) and the need to carry a complete (fragile and heavy) equipment for scanning can be “tedious”.
In addition, very often I am forced to work in situations that are not exactly comfortable, such as on scaffolding, archaeological excavation, and so on.
The ability to have an extended range of use without having to change scanners is outstanding, as is the single shot option, the a high quality texture with 48-mega pixel RGB camera, and scanner design “old style camera” is really nice!
In short, Revopoint has raised the bar again!


Can you explain to me how the scanner works?

  1. I have two options for switching resolution 0.05 and 0.5mm, is that right?
  2. is it possible to switch these resolutions in one scanned object? for example, I would scan surfaces with a resolution of 0.5 mm, and if there were more complex geometry, I would switch to a smaller resolution of 0.05 mm, is that right?

Excellent characteristics of the new product, I’m looking forward to the start of sales, but what price will it have?

as they wrote, it will be the flagship of the company, so the price will be the biggest… it’s a separate device, processor, battery, advanced scanner, screen. in terms of price, it will certainly be the most expensive scanner from Revopoint

Hello @Spejhle

(1) Yes. For different scanning distances, MIRACO can adjust different Accuracy, up to 0.05mm @150mm, up to 0.5mm @600mm.

(2) Yes, this can be achieved. When you want to scan the surface of an object, your distance may be very far, and the accuracy will be adjusted according to the distance to 0.5mm when scanning large objects.
When you want to scan details, MIRACO’s accuracy can be adjusted to scan small objects as small as 0.05mm due to the close distance.

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Hi @Redfduch
Please stay tuned with us as more information will be announced upon going live:miraco-signup-social - Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

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do you have a video explaining this function?