Recovering crash data

A couple of times now Handy Scan has crashed after it finishes processing the point cloud. I can see the data folders in my User folder. If there any way I can recover it so I don’t lose my scan?

Edit: I figured it out. Any of the User folders with processed data will have a file “fuse.ply” for a point cloud and “fuse_mesh.ply” for polygonal mesh. Those can be loaded into Handy Studio for further processing.


Hi @Philnolan3d

So you finally find the file?

Sorry for such a crash issue. Our developers are working on improving the software.

This post reminds us about the recovery of the scan lost by a sudden crash. I had recorded this problem and will check if we can make a tutorial or add a new function. Thank you.

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Yes I found the file. It would be great if there was a way to recover it in the softwarebut this works for now.

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Yes, I will discuss with developers about this issue. Hope we can realize it in the new version.