Range 2, Carrying case chemical Smell?

I recieve yesterday my Range 2, I haven’t even try it but stray away the chemical smell of the carrying case makes it absolutely un usuable, it’s overwhelming, very strong and makes up for a terrible unboxing experience of the product. I love the idea of having a Carrying case and it actually looks and fits nice bit the smell of it forced me to not use it and put it on an isolated and ventilated room but it has been there for 24h now and the smell is not going away, and at this point I’m even trying to figure out if it is safe because I kind of feel dizzy if I spend a while around it.

Hi @Angus
It is the smell of the Magic Mat not the case . Remove the Magic Mat from the case , the one with markers .

well that is incredible then. I haven’t even open the the bag with the magic mat and the sticker markers, I took the tripod and the scanner out to try it out later, how the smell persisted and the bag was closed I blamed the carrying case, also I was able to sense the smell before opening the carrying case for the first time so just by taking the carrying case out of the box with all the items inside it is possible to sense the smell of the mat?.

I assume you also have a Range 2. ?

I have all Revopoint scanners and all Magic Mats smelled toxic . It is not the case. Just remove the Magic Mat and let it breathe somewhere where it don’t bothers you for a while to get rid of the smell .