POP 2 Showcase and Experience

I’m a sculptor and needed a scanning booth that fit my specific needs for larger works. I didn’t want the booth to take up too much space, but I also needed the ability to smoothly move the scanning arm over a large vertical space. I’m brand new at scanning, so I’m sure others can improve upon what I’ve done here.

I used a BRUTE 44 gallon trash can and cut it in half to form the basic structure of the booth. I drilled holes into the rim of the trash can to hold both parts together with 1/4 inch bolts. I then made a base from scrap chip board that the cans could attach to each other, ply would be preferable. Because of the indentation within the bottom of the trash can, I was able to use a small piece of 10 inch 2x4 and place between the can and the base. This was used to attached both sections together with screws and washers. I then cut the circular footprint of a motorized 14 inch base out of chipboard, and attached it into the base of the can. 2x4’s were then cut at 63 inches tall and 17 inches wide at the top to frame the can. A second small piece of 2x4 was attached to the second indention into the top section in order to secure the frame to the can as a whole. Everything was spray painted flat black.

I originally purchased a scanning arm from a previous post here, but found it difficult to use because the articulation required the constant unscrewing of each arm and limited reach. I substituted it with a HEIL microphone arm and some creative wielding of the connection that screws into the scanner.

Also, I had Puluz photo light box and used it’s black photo backdrop inside of the booth to even out the background and remove the rims of the can.

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This was clever. Probably far less expensive than a COTS solution.

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