Overlap Detection

I want to ask you if that what I’am doing is correct way.
Overlap detection is a really nice feature, but I’m not sure if that work properly.
In Mini model I have an option to set the point distance at 0.02 value. Then the program give me suggestion to overlap the point in distance of 0.10. I’m not sure but program should not allow me to set the values of overlapping more than 0.01 in this case.
If think that the values 0.02, 0.03 … up to 0.25 will start to destroy my point distance 0.02. Am I right ?

Hi! @WloRepresent can correct me, but there is some smart algorithm deciding the ideal point distance for each detection round. So everything you actually have to do, and I do it too, like @PUTV advised, is to run overlap detection at the given numbers until no overlapping points can be found anymore.

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Hi @WloRepresent I think you messed up the terminology or features , that makes no nose .

What you talking about is pitch point setting , for MINI it would be 0.02mm for the highest quality resolution and details .

The program always suggest the bigger option based on the volume . Sometimes a coffee mug looks better when fused at 0.1 than 0.02 mm

You can set the number as you like and do not follow the suggestion if you going for the highest quality .

Now , Overlapping Detection is about removing frames that was not fused probably and I would suggest to not touch the settings , it will remove all the bad layers , layer by layer automatic each time you click the button, and keep the best fused model clean and ready for meshing but after Overlapping Detection you need also to find lose points before you move to meshing .

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How often should I use the overlap detection button? Sometimes i press it up to 10 times and it finds still some points…
Do the settings change autmatically with each iteration?

hi! yes, the settings change automatically and you should press the button until it says/ error prompt “no data found.”. sometimes it takes 2-3 times, sometimes much more often.

Thank you, Ivan! That helps a lot…

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