Motorcycle Back Cover-Plate scanned with Range and reconstruction with Freecad

How to scan motorcycle parts?
What is the best setup for thin walled parts?

I would like to use the model to print an exact copy. Reverse engineering should be part2 as i have to learn quite a bit more in cad to do so.

I have Range and mini and dual axis turntable, i tried feature and marker mode, talkum solved with isopropanol but nothing worked like i wanted.

By the way, markers always leave holes even if i tick fill marker holes.


@Johnathan or @Samlilly2 should have answer for your question … I am not into auto parts scanning , they doing it on daily basis so hopefully have a good answer for you.

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Thanks for forwarding them to this thread.
I am really in trouble, because my results look really promising on small things or single data capture, but when i try to do a whole part or multiple scans it always gets a real mess.
Also i am a little short in time, so i can’t spend hours and hours on scanning although i really would love to do so.

I really think the Revopoint Range and Mini are awesome devices, they just need an appropriate user! :slight_smile:

For this item you have 2 options. Try to scan on the turntable on its side like you pictured or scan one face and used that to model off of and thicken. I have done both. This model looks to be a simple stamped steel item with the same features on both sides due to be press formed. I would go with option 2. As this was a stamped item the base material is a KNOWN thickness so simple caliper measurement will tell you the thickness needed.


Thanks for your answer.
I already tried both and had no luck either. Scanning it flat leaves me with the best result so far, but i am not able to model my part out of it.
Version2 always leaves me with an unsatisfying result. Way off from ready to print, so that again i need to be an experienced 3d sculpter to make it printable.

My best help would be, if you’ve already done similar scans, a workflow how you would get it started.
Scan with marker mode or feature mode, on turntable without, hanging in the air, dropping on the floor, using AESUB spray, ambient light, no light, bright light, black mat no black mat, using mini or range or both, …

I would really aprechiate if somebody could walk me through my first sucessful scan.

Thanks a lot!

By the way it is ABS plastik, but you are right it has a uniform thickness.