MIRACO New System Internal Testing

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that a new version of the MIRACO software is currently in internal testing. To gather valuable suggestions and feedback from our users, we would like to invite some of you to join our beta testing program. If you are interested and have the time to participate, please send a direct message to @Revopoint-Jane with your SN code, and we will arrange the update for you.

Update Notes:

  1. Adds merge alignment feature.
  2. Adds a sleep function to save device power.
  3. Improve marker algorithm.
  4. Adds a new auto-exposure mechanism for the depth camera.
  5. Change some interface and UI copy.
  6. Adds a hole-filling tool in post-processing.
  7. Adds an adjustable scan countdown function.
  8. Adds a new project renaming function.
  9. Speeds up the switching time between Near and Far Mode.
  10. Adds a function to change a model’s surface properties and color.

*Please note that as this is a testing phase, you may encounter some issues and bugs.

Test Deadline: 23:59, Jul 12, 2024 (UTC+8)

If you have any feedback on the new version, please fill out this sheet with your feedback by July 13th. Your voice is important to us!

This internal test is our first attempt, and you are welcome to give us your suggestions if you have any comments on the format.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Best regards,

Revopoint team


When this version is installed , is it still possible to roll back to last official version?

even just for comparison reasons to check how something was on other version, if something was better or worse.

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No you can’t roll back … you would not want to roll back , it is the best version so far !

I feel like having totally new Miraco lol now seriously I don’t need laptop with me … go for the ride Ivan … it is release candidate and it is amazing .


I would have test it anyway but now I am very looking foward to😁
Just now sent my SN to Jane.

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Click on Jane’s Avatar( icon ) not the @ handle in the message .

Any news about texture tracking?

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No… no texture tracking .

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I’ve just sent Jane a message to join the internal testing on my Miraco Pro :blush:. Finally we can select “colour resolution” in settings? And merging scans as one like on desktop software?

You can change the color of your scan display , from blue to other colors as in RS5 computer version

Yes you can merge scans now on MIRACO

The testing deadline was on July 12. Today is the final report day and closure of the beta testing .

You may be too late for the beta testing , but since there was not significant bugs it may be released next week already .

And it is very good ! Especially the 8K texture options for single shots with so much details and beautiful textures .


So the merge settings is in the beta firmware?

Yes it is … but since we finished the testing it should be available very soon .


I will keep lookout for announcements regarding this big update. Thanks babes

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