Marker tracking no good for linear scanner motion?

I have been experimenting with marker tracking on the stock turntable and the results have been good in terms of accuracy. Yesterday I tried it with the set up shown in the pictures. Two wood blocks were seperated accurately by 500 mm using 123 blocks and guage blocks. Then the stock magic cloth was put onto it and the set up scanned at excellent / good distance range. The scanner was hand held and panned from left to right. The distance between the inner surfaces of the wood blocks in the model was then measured and the error was 0.7 ~ 2.3 mm ! just wondering if there is something I have done wrong or marker tracking is just not intended to be used in this way. The scanner is a POP3.

Just add some blocks also on the Matt and not outside the mat , you are scanning air between . The objects suppose to be on the Matt or markers on the object , don’t be the guy that scanning sheets of paper proving things don’t works as they should . It is 3D scanning not masuments of empty spaces .

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