IOS version supporting Stabilizer?

Guess it will be a waste of time downloading the IOS version will it not?
O yes, the IOS update was going to be released in November.
Now is that next November or the one after that?:rofl:

Please check the Download Center if there is a new version .
I am using Android/Win only so the others are not really in my interest .

Well it is of interest to IOS users that have a non working on off button on the stabiliser.
Oh well maybe one day or year.

Of course it is ,
Please check the official Download center for future updates on softwares of your interest.
Or please write email to for direct contact with support that may have the answer for you.

Yep did that last November when customer services replied that the IOS update will be released in a couple of days.
Still waiting.:yawning_face:

I wish but can’t help you more with it at this moment .

Anyway Happy New Years to you !

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And to you Pop and all.

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