How to export point clouds separatly from Revo Scan?

Or each single shot separatly (MIRACO) to sew them in GMX for example.

You should not export single shots as ply , it meant to capture the object with multiple single shots for best performance . A single shot is worth as much as simple 2D picture , you should at least shot 3 single shots from different angles to have workable point cloud volume .

After you imported your MIRACO project to Revo Scan 5 on your computer via WiFi or USB in transfer mode, you can select point cloud in your project file in Revo Scan 5 and export it as a ply to use in other applications .

For example I have project where 50 single shots for example. I need 50 different files to import them into Geomagic D

When filter and sew them there

You need to shot the single frames separately, each frame with own project files so you can process them into organized point cloud and export each as ply files other way there is no way as other software don’t support this kind of files ,

but that is not the purpose of the single frames to do so , you will not get any good accuracy this way .

The single frames in raw mode are as virtual preview of the data from the project folder and unorganized , not editable in other software unless converted to organized point cloud in Revo Scan 5 .

Too much hassle to be worth the effort.