Forum Guidelines

This is an official forum for Revopoint product users to discuss the product, share their showcases, and get help. It is also open to all 3d scanning enthusiasts. Therefore, everyone who is interested in 3d scans can sign in to this forum. All members need to respect our guidelines.

Part One: Introduction of each category.

1. Starting Point:


When you’re new to this forum, we sincerely welcome you to say Hi and introduce yourself to other members.


You can learn about the forum’s rules and FAQs.


You can download the newest software in this category.

(4) Users’ Manuals:

You can find all of the users’ manuals in this category.


Welcome to share your scan results with other members.


You can find the latest news/events/contests in this category.

4.Tutorials & Tips:

If you’re not so familiar with the product, don’t miss this category! You can find many helpful tips here.

5.Support & Feedback:

If you need help, don’t hesitate to create a post in this category. Our customer service staff will reply to you.

6. Discussion:

You can discuss Revopoint products with other users here.


If you have any idea about 3d scanners, you can post it here.

Part Two: Forum Rules:

Part Three: FAQ about this forum

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