First time user needs help

I just bought a range and I have to say I couldn’t be more frustrated; I am a total beginner and the way all of these tutorials jump around and don’t give step by step instructions.
The Scanning a Dolphin video has some value but is way to fast and short to get anything out of it and is focused more on people with experience, total useless to beginners.
1)I need to know basic staring parameters where to find them and how to adjust them.
2) why does my model not show up well.
3) what are all the tools, go through each of them , what they do and how to apply them,
4) how to use a turn table, adjustments, speed, distance, background, work from a stand or hand held.
5) Slow down !!! go through each tool and explain what it does / when to use it / how to correct problems when using it / when the tool is available for use / how to find it .
6) start with tools to create a scan and work towards tools when you successfully get a scan.

I have not even reached a point that I can get this unit to scan anything so what I have is a 700.00 investment in junk.
Where can I find real help and customer service? I spent time and money to fly to SEMA to help get instructions and it was no help to my. I came home and tried the unit again and I got nothing but junk nothing close to the scans I saw at the show.
Does Revo do buy backs on unusable products, just asking for a friend.

Have a good day

Hello @Dyslexic-mess

Regarding your question, we have an unboxing and first-time use tutorial video for RANGE that you can refer to.

Revopoint RANGE 3D Scanner: Standard Package First Use Tutorial:
Revopoint RANGE 3D Scanner: Premium Package First Use Tutorial:

Additionally, we have a beginner’s guide post about INSPIRE (also applies to RANGE)where you can browse and find detailed scanning steps and parameter settings.

For tool usage and instructions, we have a dedicated video on YouTube that specifically introduces the Revo Scan 5 software, providing detailed explanations of its features. I believe this will be helpful to you.

Are you referring to the turntable as the large turntable? If so, you can refer to this video.

A more detailed tutorial video is currently being produced.

Please start by reviewing these articles and videos to see if they can assist you. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team at They can provide remote meeting guidance to assist you.