DIY 3D Scan Marker

If you are looking into an DIY alternative to the Revopoint 3D scan markers you may find those: 3D Scanning Marker - Avery Etiketten 3490 - A4.pdf - Google Drive useful. Designed to be printed with Avery 3490 self-adhesive labels. Each DIN A4 sheet will yield 432 markes which habe to be cut out individually.

Tested with Revopint mini, working reliably.


Sounds like you need a Cri-cut or a Cameo Silhouette to cut out all those dots.


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Might be able to use these also -
Just an example, may be cheaper elsewhere.
Wonder if I could cut these with my new laser cutter/engraver…Might be fun to try! Just use a blank sticker sheet…have to change it to our weird american system but that would be fine…

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me - neither with the Mini nor the Pop 2. Markers are not recognised - perhaps due to using an inkjet printer (3rd party ink Brother JW series)? Do you guys use lasers?

I am using a laser for printing … curious to understand if the choice of the printer should have any influence …

It have , because inject print is visible to Infrared laser and laser reflect it .

Same as black cotton (visible) vs black nylon ( invisible) for markers to work correctly the white dots need to be separate from the surface , so black inject printing can’t do that .

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Again I have learned from you …

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Correction: Actually, my inkjet printed markers work with the MINI (blue light) but not with a Pop 2 (infrared).

Perhaps using some reflective paint (liquid chrome) will help for the Pop 2.

Thanks for the update … in fact I have been using the markers on the Mini only so far … but with migrating to the POP2 I will have to check if marker printed with a laser printer will work for me …

That’s not exactly how it works .
The white dot need to be separate from the background to be recognized as a marker .
This mean the if you used yellow stroke for your MINI markers it would works too because MINI blue light is absorbed by yellow .

For POP2 use only backgrounds for the dots that are invisible .
For example you can throw some rice on a black plastic plate or plastic bag and it will be recognized as a markers …
So don’t think it needs to be exactly what they tell you it have to be .
It is not about the black color … it is about the property of the surface .

The point is to separate the white dot from the rest of your scanned object surface so the software can recognize it as a marker .

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I had these old Avery floppy… stickers sheets laying around and did a test.
Laser printing and laser cutting works like a charm.

There will probably go 500 of these on an A4 Avery sticker sheet.

Both the Mini and Pop2 recognise the markers.


Now you can start your own marker production :wink:
Looks very good

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Yes, I could :grinning:
Laser scouring these sheets takes 2,5 minute per sheet, not really production numbers.
But for larger production numbers there are more cost efficiënt ways.

The test I did is more for people with acces to a laser cutter.


Love your idea and will test myself (during holidays) …

may be …

just found this on Amazon, ordered, will tell you. Compatible Cricut

Here the link


Interesting, looking forward hearing from you how it works.