DIY 3D Scan Marker

If you are looking into an DIY alternative to the Revopoint 3D scan markers you may find those: 3D Scanning Marker - Avery Etiketten 3490 - A4.pdf - Google Drive useful. Designed to be printed with Avery 3490 self-adhesive labels. Each DIN A4 sheet will yield 432 markes which habe to be cut out individually.

Tested with Revopint mini, working reliably.


Sounds like you need a Cri-cut or a Cameo Silhouette to cut out all those dots.


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Might be able to use these also -
Just an example, may be cheaper elsewhere.
Wonder if I could cut these with my new laser cutter/engraver…Might be fun to try! Just use a blank sticker sheet…have to change it to our weird american system but that would be fine…

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