3D Marker Tape?

I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a 3D marker tape. Like a type of adhesive tape where the markers are already printed on it.

Something like a roll for markers, similar to packing tape. The background is that I find it tedious to stick so many markers on large objects and I keep thinking: there must be an easier way.

Something like that, but cheaper: AESUB Infinity 3D Scan Marker Tape – Replik8

I’m surprised that something like this doesn’t exist. Some adhesive tape with markers on it shouldn’t be that hard to produce, right?

Theres one other I know of. SpeedTarget from EMS3D. Although I dobt that it would be cheaper.


I was thinking of getting some “non-adhesive /cohesive” pvc tape, sticking markers on it once and then reusing it as a roll.
This kind of tape only sticks to itself and is reusable. You could just use some removable tape at the ends and, if neccessary , in between .
Not sure if there is a transparent version of it.

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This gave me the idea that I could try sticking thin white fabric tape on it and creating patterns with it. It is not for the marker mode but features.

I’m increasingly convinced that this type of adhesive tape would be a real gap in the market if it were affordable.

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Mike was doing it already when scanning a car . He used black tape and stick the markers on it .

Mike who? :sweat_smile:

Is it some easy removable, reusable (like in one can roll up when not in use) tape? Did it post it here somewhere. If you can find the post, that would be great, I couldn´t . TIA :slight_smile:

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This is a post from Japan.

I made it myself.
I asked a Japanese company that can print small lots of masking tape for individuals to print a pattern of overlapping black and white circles on washi tape.

The masking tape is 15 mm wide and 10 m long, and circles with an outer diameter of 10 mm and an inner diameter of 5 mm are arranged at 40 mm intervals. If you use all of them, you can theoretically put 250 markers on it. I chose this interval because it is easy to cut, and the POP scanning ability cannot scan unless you put 5 or more markers at 40 mm intervals.

It does not have reflective material like the current marker stickers, but it can be used if you are creative with the way you put them on and the light source.

Even if it is something with a certain shape like the one in the photo, POP’s ability cannot combine it into a single shape unless there are this many markers. The same is true for MIRACO’s long-distance mode, which moves and deforms on its own even when it is stationary.

Its weakness is that since there is no reflective material, the black is emphasized and it looks like there are holes.

The production cost is 1,000 yen per roll, which is a small amount, but this is a little cheaper than the 2,500 yen for a pack of 500 markers sold at the official Revopoint store on Amazon Japan.

However, it would be better if a company would make them in large quantities over long distances and sell them cheaply, rather than making them individually.


It is not ability , higher resolution scanners use smaller FOV , smaller FOV require the markers to be smaller and closer to each other to be visible at once .
To be honest I very use any markers ever , I just choice the proper scanner for the job size .

It was some time ago Ivan , I think his handle is @Scan2Model

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Thx, I found it. It was this post.