Children Car with Range

Hello everyone,
I make cars for children (finally for my son), I bought the scan to make the AeroMax2 version and scan chassis, engine, etc., which will help me with the 3D production! But I scanned the body of the AeroMax1, to practice and see the difference between the real one and the CAD model (ps: I come from France and do not perfectly master the language of Shakespeare, I use Google translate, Sorry)
Here are my first results with the Range, I use a 32GB laptop, i7 inside a garage without light
I followed all the possible advice and already did a lot of tests!
The best results are obtained of course in marker mode for the body and chassis …… in follow mode for the engine

The triangles marker printed in 3D, with and without I did not see a big difference for the bodywork, but essential for the scan of the chassis
The results are good, it’s really good for what I have to do, I’m satisfied but ……… there is always a but!
For the body and the engine, alignment in Revo scan 5 (latest version) but I still have some alignment problems. Is it the scan that is distorted or an alignment problem??

For the chassis, impossible with Revo scan5, I went through CAD software.
Thank you for reading me, and commenting if you like
See you soon




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In most case it will be the alignment issue , the large flat area don’t have too many features to align correctly , maybe try the point alignment mode and use the markers you placed on the body as your reference points .

Thanks for sharing !