Can't scan in between arms of small figure

Hey all,

As the title suggests, I can’t seem to scan in between arms of this small figure.


Picture 1

I tried scanning him in multiple orientations but I did not succeed to scan between the arms.
Any tips, tricks or suggestions?

Thank you for your time!

For the figure, your results are quite good.

You can close the holes automatically in Revo Scan or Revo Studio. You may also use some CAD editing software to copy a properly-scanned area and paste it into the gap if you need to be more precise.

Hey, Thanks for your reply!

I have to scan 40 of those figures, all 40 different variations. I was hoping to cut some corners with it but if not possible I guess I will have to do the manual work! No problem of course.

Just load it to Revo Studio and choice close holes and in the option select Tangent option for the holes .
That is all work you have to do … not really much .

You can choice close holes while meshing in Revo Scan , but sometimes the results are not what you would expect and without the UNDO at this moment it is little risky .

So Revo Studio is your best option for quick fix .

Thanks for the tip!

Filling holes with tangent don’t really give me the desired end result but it does work really well.

Tangent had not worked well for me when at least one edge is (mostly) straight.

Fortunately, you can Undo and try with one of the other modes.

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Tangent is for organic shapes only . It blends better but there will be never perfect shape for closing holes that are too big , or hard edge surfaces, it works best on a very small holes.

The best way is to manually set the proper sizes of the holes that need to be closed with a different types . Tangent for organic , Plane for hard edges etc …

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