Can it take 3D Pictures?

Was wondering, since the pop can take 3d pictures, would it be possible to take a 3d pic and output that 3d pic to a gallery? Like left-right stereo image or anaglyph?

The POP doesn’t take 3D pics reallly, it uses structured light to represent objects by point clouds, which are then ‘meshed’ to , stereo pics are something different, and photogrametry, which allows you to take several pictures and get a 3D model from it, is yet another process, but there are tons of information you can find about these different technologies


i guess you can use software to output anaglyph or sbs from a 3dmodel

The binocular cameras are both infrared, with one camera being in color, so you’d have to generate the entire scene in 3d, then render that into L/R channels. It’s a ton of work and probably wouldn’t be satisfying.

You’d likely be better off with just getting a camera and an appropriate bracket to shift it back and forth, or a second camera with chained focus.