Best approach to food scanning? Tips for feature + turntable scans?

Difference between photogrametry and structured light sanning is at least tenfold.

For example even with a powerfull pc when processing 240 photos for the following head the scan mesh took around 10 hours to compute

The same model scanned with the mini in 3 parts, merged and remeshed with higher quality than i could achieve with photogrametry took less than one hour from scan to mesh

I recently scanned some food with the INSPIRE, first one is texture the other is simply pointcloud color.

Food usually is easy to scan, at worst you can use cornstarch and rubbing alcohol on a spray bottle to matt up some of the surfaces of the dishes

if the food is too smooth to pick up on the feature mode you can always use the crumpled paper method to add a rich feature detail to your scan model