[Android] Revo Scan V5.3.4

Hello everyone, Android-Revo Scan V5.3.4 for mobile is now online.
Download it at: Best 3D Scanning Software-Revo Scan 5

Update points:

  1. Updates the UI.

  1. Adds support to create multiple models in one project.

  1. Adds powerful post-processing capabilities to enable the manual editing of captured data.

  1. Texture mapping is now available for color scans.

  1. The rendering status of the model is now shown.

  1. Optimizes model sharing


I just got 12GB RAM phone just for that update :wink: actually it is 24GB 12GBRAM+12GB virtual RAM

Looks like mini Android MIRACO in your pocket …


What phone is that if i may ask?

No problem

Ulefone Note 17 Pro Unlocked Smartphone, 6.78’’ FHD+ AMOLED Corning Gorilla Screen, MTK Helio G99 ,24GB RAM +256GB HD, 108MP+32MP, 5050mAh(33W), Android 13, NFC/IR Blaster/Fingerprint ID/US Warranty,

White https://a.co/d/cDRJUig

Works great via WiFi and USB C as long you battery powering your scanner .

I had actually great experiences and lots of frames with so much of RAM available


imo, both ios/ android revoscan application is convenience for scanning, but not editing and meshing, all details gone for mobile meshing, wondering if the functions are the same , compared with android/ios application and miraco software?

Hi @kkula9999

Their functionalities are different.

  1. The RAM (Random Access Memory) varies. Mobile devices typically have 2GB of RAM, while MIRACO has a minimum of 16GB and a maximum of 32GB. This means that MIRACO can handle more intricate processing without experiencing crashes.

  2. The texture effects differ. MIRACO supports 8K Color Capture, resulting in significantly higher clarity.

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I only scan using mobile and the functionality is the same , my new phone support 24GB Ram so it is more than MIRACO 16GB , however mobile Revo Scan processing is lower so not the same quality as on MIRACO …
However for just scanning the mobile device is just fine , later I just process it on my PC for best quality .

You can’t run Revo Scan on a mobile phone with 2GB RAM , you need at least 6GB RAM from what at least 4GB Ram is available for the software . With 12GB of Ram on your phone you will have 7GB RAM to disposition what is plenty , you can scan half room with it and still not reach the maximum frames.
Miraco 16GB have to disposition around 12GB RAM for scanning , the rest is needed for the operating system

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