3D Modelling from Scans

Hi All, I own a Revopoint Range, but I didnt use it for theis project.
This Post is about modelling from Scans.
I use Rhino 3D to create 3D models from Pointclouds ( I prefer point clouds to Mesh)
This is a classic MG Car scanned with a very expensive Track Scan scanner, it took me about a week to create a CAD model from the scan data using Rhino 7.0


Wow only a week ? that is awesome modeling here ! @Scan2Model

That’s stunning, there are so many great programs out there, I’ve been wondering about Rhino (and blender) for a while though I’ve not got the time to get to that level, dabbling just doesn’t give enough learning. I having always been involved with parametric modelling and I’m starting to think I’m in the visually boring side of the skillset lmao.

Hi Gary, thank you. I have been using Rhino since it was in Beta 25 years ago, it is a fantastic tool for modelling from Scan Data. Having said that, I have been experimenting with Blender a lot lately, mainly for Retopology of scan Mesh files.
Retopology is basically remodelling or simplifying a complex mesh to make it much smaller in file size, cleaner, and more logical for applying materials and texturing.
A lot of people (Cath) also use Z-Brush for this task, but my brain can only handle so much software :slight_smile: I saw a youtube video on the new Blender “Inverse Subdivide” function for Retopology, it looks incredible.
I used the Rhino V8.0 Beta version on this project, mainly to test out the new features that it has (SubD modelling and “Shrinkwrap” ) and I am very impressed.
I have a Revopoint Range scanner, it creates a very clean, accurate detailed mesh compared to some scan data that I get from my clients who are using far more expensive hand scanners.

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Thank you Cath, that is a great compliment coming from someone with your experience.

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Aww always humble … 25 years of experiences showing up here Mike … I am not hard edge modeler , I mean I could but prefer not to, that why I adore even more your work , I specializing in organic modeling as you already know …

I don’t want to hijack your thread Mike, but that is what I am doing when not scanning for my work …
good eye and steady hand at work, no 3D scans… :wink:

I am little proud of it … around 50 millions of polygons , digitally hand sculpted


Absolutely amazing !!! Did you use Z-Brush for this ?
I studied Product Design, so hard body modelling was a logical progression for me.
I have no Sculpting skills at all, so I really need a 3D scanner :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mike , yes I did used Zbrush as always … and only software of my choice for that type of work .

I studied Body form, color , light and design .
So specific organic sculpting, human anatomy , traditional media art etc…

I too model from point clouds, but unlike the author, I use Revit and AutoCAD to model buildings from terrestrial laser scans. I’m excited to teach myself Blender and 3D Studio to model over smaller point clouds.

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Excellent work, and most importantly done in a very short time.
Could you make a video tutorial on how to obtain a model from a point cloud in Rhino using any part as an example?