What would be your top priority for scanning once you receive MIRACO?

Hi @kanakaRed

Totally understandable.

We’re happy to see what MINI can do for you and believe that MIRACO can simplify your workflow even more.

Looking forward to December together! :smiley:

My collection of horse skeletons and individual bones for research.

I Want to see also

Primarily, i bought Mini because i want to do human scanning and print it as remembrance. As I want to make my own statue too. But FOV of Mini gives me limits. I thought it can be easy to stitches small parts to a bigger part using Mini, but i was wrong, until revoscan 5 was released. It gives me hope scanning larger object using Mini. But flashing lights is not good for the eyes. Even though I can edit the mesh using Blender or Zbrush to make the eyes open, but it takes time to do it. At first, I want to pledge Range but my browser cant load KS when launching. I want to be in super early bird to save some money.

But now, even i did not make to be part of super early in the Miraco, I still grab the early bird to help my Mini with the limitations.

And im working also traveling around the world, and i think Miraco is the best for outdoor scanning. Since I travel mostly in tourists spots, I can scan arts from different parts of the world. I am also into reverse engineering.

So maybe I was destined to not pledge Range before because Miraco is for me. Also my baby twin girl name is Mira😁. It is a sign😁

Hi @BoneLady

The field of bone research is very professional and we look forward to seeing your MIRACO showcase! :blush:

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Hi @Amber

What a coincidence! It shows that you are destined to MIRACO and look forward to it bringing you surprising scan results!:smile: