Single-shot mode vs regular mode

On the official Miraco page, Revopoint explains that the single-shot mode was created to fight issues such as “tracking loss and difficult-to-scan contrasting surfaces”.

Any chance you could tell us more about the pros & cons of this mode, compared to regular scanning? For example I assume it will diminish frame overlapping issues, but we might end up with a less precise scan, or less points?

In other words: should regular scanning still be the way to go for most subjects?

Hi Benoit ,

Single frame capture can be used to capture just a single frame however that single frame do not complete the whole 3D capture , it is still in 2D mode , more compared to displacement map where the details appear only on the Z axis.

To complete a full single frame capture you still need to rotate the object at minum 20% overlapping, this technique can be compared to a photogrammetry capture workflow .

So in place of 350 frames at 360 degrees, you can capture 24 frames to complete a model .

Single frame capture do not affect any point density or distance , neither continues scanning do , 3D structured light scanners have hardware based point distance by default and can’t be changed for higher density, as that would allows s change of accuracy what is impossible .

So Single frame capture creates the same point distance as the hardware offers regardless how many frames you capture .

PROS: Using single capture frame allowing to have better control over scanned surface , reduce processing time , higher precision , shorter processing time , less resource .

CONS: Longer scanning time since it is manual process, in some situations manual rotation of the scanned object is required. If object is moved manually beyond 20% of required overlapping, bad alignment can still accure, since single frame capture still require proper alignment if used as multiple frames scanning method. Scanned objects should be completely still , for that reason scanning humans using single frame is not recommended, since humans don’t stay still and single breathing can interrupt the proper alignment .

Of course and it is the priority method for scanning and never will be for all situations. Single frame capture is just additional scanning option to use in specific situations that require it , but it is not a replacement for continuous scanning method that allows Revopoint scanners to be more fast and portable .

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As PUTV says, single shot is not a replacement for continuous scanning. It is however extremely useful for subjects where you either cannot put it on a turntable or continuous scanning would be difficult - say in a museum or something where you may only get access to a few vantage points of the object you want to scan.
It’s also useful for scanning extremely large things when you want to cut down on the number of frames captured to reduce the load on either the scanner, or the PC/Mac you are processing on.

The way I see it is that it’s just another tool in the kit bag, and a welcome one.

@PUTV @Rilot Thanks for your answers! Lots of useful information, as usual. :smiling_face:

Since I do a lot of photogrammetry which follows a similar capture workflow, this new scanning mode really intrigues me, I can’t wait to try it out!


single frame mode should also work with all other revopoint scanners as they share the same technology, right? This was also asked for few times as I can remember. Now, with Miraco, such scanning mode will be available. what about other revopoint scanners? Will they also be able to use that mode? If so, when? TIA.


You welcome Benoit !

You see each time you take s picture of an object when doing Photogrammetry is the same when taking a single frame shot in color , with the difference that you can see the model build in real time while doing it .

And it is better since you have higher accuracy … so the process of taking frames and color images is the same , you can rotate the object or walk around the object and the processing time after is much faster .

Hi Ivan ,

Yes I asked about a single shot since POP2
At this moment I can’t answer you the question , but all feedbacks and suggestions will be forwarded to our for future consideration.

This new feature is related to MIRACO software and I can’t talk about the software due to NDA . You will have to wait until next week .

But of the record , if future Revo Scan computer software will support single frame shot , it could works with other scanners so there is some positive hope regarding it .

But when? nobody can answer you that question right now because everyone is very busy with MIRACO upcoming campaign so it would be something for the near future .

But if I get some opportunity to ask , I will find out .

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I appreciate it,as always!:pray:

Hi @ivan

Thank you for your suggestion.

Due to the different technology used by MIRACO compared to existing scanners, the single-shot functionality cannot be solved solely through software. We will consider adding this feature in future iterations of the scanner.

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Hi! can you please explain the difference in technology on Miraco and other Revopoint infrared scanners? I thoght only Mini with blue light is using different technology.
But I am looking forward to reveal shows on facebook and youtube, I am sure you will elaborate these differences there, too.

Hello @ivan

Please embrace the element of mystery! Join our live stream and stay tuned for the exciting launch of KS!

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I am eagerly waiting for a new and better mini (same or better resolution, bigger fov). Single capture mode included could help reduce data amounts and processing resources in order to accomplish that goal. Am I right?

Hi Daniel

You can’t have bigger FOV at that distance , 3D structured light scanner technology works different, how smaller the FOV how better the accuracy /details

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As @PUTV said, with this kind of Technology better resolution only achievable wit even smaller FOV. I see MINI can only get improved by higher frame rate and therefore better tracking.

But you are absolutely right with the second one. As Master Catharina ™ :grin: also said:

less frames, less processing “power” needed. I am eager to see by how much. we will get all these informations for sure in only few more days.

I understand: the bigger the FOV, the bigger the distortion of the projected pattern.
But nevertheless:
Wouldn’t a single frame mode not be very good especially for a small FOV?
Because often you oversee some outer areas scanning in continoous mode, especially with the small FOV of mini. If one could do single shots, you would exactly get what you need and wouldn’t overscan the itmes just to catch some edges or else.

yes, single frame capturing for ALL revopoint scanners would be a blessing. who knows what they will come up with in the future releasses of Revo Scan.

The bigger the FOV how lower the accuracy and details , not distortions, since Range have big FOV but lower accuracy without any distortions .

How better the accuracy how more stable things have to be , MINI reached the maximum as portable device when it get about accuracy at 10cm distance and no one at that price range scanner is yet better .

Having higher accuracy than 0.02mm will require the scanner and the scanned surface to be extra stable to avoid any noises . So a simple turntable will not be good here … we talk here about hair wide precision , imagine running with a microscope trying to capture a hair … rather not successful task .

MINI was build to scan small objects like jewelry, dentals and very fine small objects so capturing bigger object is a task here that can’t be improved by just changing FOV as that is technically not possible .

Single shot still need overlapping of 20% and lots of work with it , not faster solution , it is easier on the tracking but require to change the objects in many positions like photogrammetry do … this can affect the color results if done in not so ideal light conditions .

For over scanning issues you have Advanced mode that do take care of it and remove all the build up , remember that advanced mode do not reduce the accuracy , or affect the details … it just get rid of all the overlapped frames what in normal case is over 60%

At this moment can’t say anything else regarding this but as Jane mentioned, who knows what the future bring … if single shot becomes popular after the launch of MIRACO , it may become future standard feature with new scanners .

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Ivan , I think it have to do with the hardware since MIRACO hardware is double bigger than any other scanner , it have also powerful processor that others scanners don’t . The scanning technology is the same , there are no differences, but the hardware is totally different to handle all the tasks.
I don’t think regular phone could handle that, it also RAM hungry … so at least 16GB of RAM , for that reason the task may be too much for older scanners …

Sounds simple and with common sense it should use less hardware resource … the problem with that is … that common sense is not really common :joy:

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so it isn’t something that could be done when scanned with a (powerful) pc instead of smartphone? We will see what time brings. Revopoint/RevoScan developers all always full of positive surprises.:wink: