Selling my used twice MINI

Hello…I am selling my Kickstarter backed MINI package. Comes with MINI, tripod, dual-axis turntable, 2 power cables, black drape, figurine, phone mount, calibration board and markers. About two weeks old. I did try it a few times and it works properly but not for what I am needing. $375 plus shipping and insurance from South Carolina USA…zip code 29414.

Hi Mike ,
How much would shipping be to Scotland?
Am interested in your MINI. Can you tell me the serial number as well?



If it is still available, how much to North Carolina? Thanks. John

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If you are in Charleston, we could actually pick it up.

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i realize i may be a bit late but i dont see that you marked your scanner as sold. I would be interested in purchasing asap if still avail. Happy to pay asking price and shipping to calif.

Realized this message wasnt for me butnif theg never messaged you back i sent you a dm

Has your MINI been sold? I am looking for used one. THanks.

Tiffany…the MINI found a new owner.