Scanning in practise

In this example the accuracy of the scan and the amount of detail is not very important.
Speed and practicality comes first.
I scan plaster casts of feet, that I use as a basis for the design of (orthopaedic) shoe-lasts.
I have used several (expensive) scanners for this goal, but now I find the Range-scanner the best option, considering result and speed. And the price of the Revoscanners was a very pleasant surprise.
With POP1 and POP2 I also had good results, but I often lost track and it took me much more time to get adequaat scans.
The best results I get (TIP!) with a big (diameter 70 cm) black rotating table, that I steer with my hand.
Here is a real time video of how I scan the casts in my daily practise, see:

I am also working on a method to scan feet directly, for bespoke footwear.

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