No headway! Advice is welcome

I’m not making much headway with this scan. It seems to be a spot between not enough features and marker mode. I’m attempting with the mini because there are some very small details like windshield wipers and radiator imprints. It is 220mm L x 85mm W x 45mm H. Plan was to do outside, save it, then inside and merge. Any advice would be helpful.


Hi! I for sure would use the method described here. It is my favourite for scanning with mini when I can put something under or around the object. Or even put it on or inside the object to scan surrounding areas and cut it out in the postproccessing. Don’t forget to share your results😉

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When you use crumbled paper , elevate slightly the model above it so it don’t touch the paper surface , I would suggest you scan multiple angles and merge them together after cutting off the crumbled paper from the model after fusing .


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll give the crumpled paper a shot. I’ve actually created additional turn tables, one side black and one side with marker dots, 12" Dia and 18" diameter foam board which I put on top of the multi axis turntable. So paper is next. I’ll use some black clay to elevate it. Thanks again.

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One thing I’ve noticed is you can’t reverse the dual access turn table in Revoscan or the android app. Imight have to hand scan to get part of a fender.

Hello @Fxconde

you can download Android app to control the DATT the way you want in any imaginable positions

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