Is Range 2 suitable for scanning open curved staircase?

I am redoing the entrance in a house, and it has a complicated curved staircase with open floating steps. I am looking for an accurate way to be able to scan this staircase, the adjacent curved walls, and the floor above and below to make an accurate CAD file for the company I am working with to help me cut stone for these stairs. I need this to be accurate to about 2 mm.

I have looked at a bunch of different options and I am not sure what the best option is that won’t cost me a fortune. The most promising I’ve come across so far seems to be the Revopoint Range 2. Should this be a suitable tool for this job? Will it be able to provide me with accurate dimensions that I can provide to the company I am working with?

I would say, it is worth giving it a try, thoretically it can do this job, however, be prepared for having to use a tonne of marker dots, without them, theres no chance.
I did a job like this just recently with a handheld scanner, although it was not the range2. I had success and the off-site pre-produced assembly fitted well.
Best tool for this kind of job would be a 360°laser scanner, however they are big budget tools not for occasional use.

Yes it could do the job , but you need to prepare the surface and scan portion by portion . Range 2 technology relay on objects features to be able to track it correctly… I see lots of flat areas that will be problematic…