Recycle Your Old Revopoint 3D Scanner and Get up to 20% off a New Scanner

The Revopoint Recycling Program is now live on our official website. Participate and get a trade-in discount of up to 20% off now on a brand-new 3D scanner!
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Are other discounts accumulative with the trade in discount, or can they only be used on thier own?

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Hi Gary @Gary

Other discounts can only be used individually and cannot accumulate trade in discounts.

So… What you mean is that revopoint products are worthless after you buy them?..

This is not the best of “Ideas”

You yourselves consider them worthless.

Wouldnt it be a better idea to offer a market rate and then resell them as reconditioned units?

That way you keep existing customers upgraded and get new customers who want a budget option.

Remember… A PREMIUM product holds it’s value… Not looses 80% or more of its value as soon as you buy it.

You as the manufacturers should project a premium brand… Not portray it as a rubbish brand that’s worthless.

I’m not sure you really understand businesses to be fair. A manufacturer has to take a lot of risk if they are to resell used items. As technology moves on there is little they can do with the internal components so stripping then down would have to be paid for using a third party.

This is something people have been asking for, it is great for those who do not want the hassle of selling thier own scanner, which quite frankly is an option to all of us.

If you don’t like a deal then don’t take it, it’s really not that difficult.

Nike aren’t offering me a discount on my old trainers and they use recycled materials.

Discounts, new releases, specifications, hardware requirement will never suit everyone, so no point being sour if this doesn’t suit you.

I understand business perfectly well…

If I buy a Miraco for $2000 - it’s now worth $400.

Thats not a good deal…

If you build a quality product it should retain it’s value.

A more reasonable approach is to buy at 60% and sell at 80% - everyone benefits.

They retain existing customers who upgrade and gain new customers who cannot afford the full price.

If you sell at 20% - what price do you sell at? If its too cheap you canabilise existing products, if it’s too high, then you’re taking advantage of existing customers.

All you need to do is check functionality and pop it in a new box.

I’ll gladly buy your Miraco for $500 - $100 more than revopoint are offering… Deal?

It’s not worth only $400, that’s where you’ve got it totally wrong, and showing the misunderstanding.

It is worth $400 to Revopoint.

If you you wanted to sell it to me it would be with considerably less as I already have one.

If you want to resell it privately that’s where the true value is, and it will be whatever the market is paying.

It’s the same trading in cars, the trade price will be significantly less than the private price.

But that’s where you’ve got it wrong…

If revopoint value it at 20% then that’s $400 for a $2000 product.

Thats the manufacturer… Obviously it probably doesn’t even cost them $400 to make, but it’s the perceived value that matters.

If you bought a ferrari and they only offered you 20%, then that devalues the price of the Ferrari.

Of course the market will be higher, but equally if revopoint are only paying 20%, then that lowers the 2nd hand market price.

Market rate is fine… Even slightly lower… But 20% is too low - the only ones that benefit are revopoint… And even there it will damage the brand as who wants to buy a product that’s only worth 20% of what you paid for it?

Revopoint should use this as a tool to help retain and gain new customers - offering 20% will lead to problems. Do they believe in their products? Are they worth buying if you loose so much as soon as you buy it?

Think of it as a car - do you buy new or used? If you loose 80% as soon as you buy it - why not buy used and save a ton… Then no-one buys new… But if the car is still worth 80%, some will buy new… Some used. Both are happy.